The 9Spokes business dashboard for small and medium businesses provides a single view of the business data across all areas and allows to gauge performance and make quick, sharp business decisions.

User Research, UX strategy

IA, User flows, Prototyping, Usability testing

Design system, Branding

Enterprise customers

The Challenge

The desktop app had a low user engagement due to poor user experience. 


9Spokes was partnering with International white-label Enterprise customers and needed an efficient way of fast implementation of the product, re-branding, adaptable user flows and data. The lack of a Design System and Components library led to slow delivery and high cost of development.


9Spokes requested to create a new mobile app in order to increase users engagement and better position themselves in the market.

The Process And Insights


The project kicked off with user research that was designed to uncover the behaviours and common gripes of existing users.

To redefine the architecture of the app, we asked users to define what are some of the most important questions that come to mind about their business and what are key metrics they constantly checking on the go.


From these invaluable insights, it was clear that we needed to build a new app that was user-centric and mobile-first through and through.

Dashboard user experience

The first step was to organise the content in an intuitive dashboard that made it easy for users to access real-time data. Ultimately, it was about making their working days easier by clearing the clutter and putting the most important information upfront.


This required a complete reorganisation of the user flow by introducing subcategories for ease of navigation. Widgets displayed the most important information and were easily customisable to give users more control over the content they saw on their dashboard.

Mobile app

The objective was to develop a user-focused app that will drive acquisition, retention and repeat usage.


From a series of prototypes, we landed on tab-based app architecture, each dedicated to a specific aspect of the client’s business: sales, marketing, people and finance data, and a dashboard with an overview of recent threats and activities. A card-based UI allowed to easily scale the dashboard as additional features were developed. 

Design system and rebranding

9Spokes was partnering with top international banks and needed an efficient way of integrating their product. We provided a clear and structured Design System ​for faster delivery to Enterprise customers adjusting to their needs and branding. Critical to the success of the system was alignment with developers on Components that are built to be used over and over throughout a product and creating a way to fast and easy implementation process.


The result

The result was a new visual experience that feels fresh, engaging and provides the user's actionable insights to enable them to manage critical business data all in one place. We designed an entirely new mobile app that has helped modernise 9Spokes to better position themselves in the market. Provided clear structured Design System for faster delivery to Enterprise customers allowed to increase implementation process from 8 Sprints to 2 Sprints.

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