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What we can help you with

Scale your business through exceptional Product Experience

UX Audit

Expert evaluation for optimal experiences.

UI/UX Design

Create captivating,
user-friendly interfaces.

UX Research

Design decisions based on user behavior

Design  Systems

Forge a cohesive and consistent identity.

Mobile App UX

Intuitive mobile experiences for higher engagement.

SaaS Usability

Adoption and efficiency in complex software.

We believe that complex systems can be effective, easy to use, and powerful in its simplicity.

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Our Unique Edge

Trust us to deliver a crystal-clear dedication to your design needs.


Leveraging data for design impact.

High quality

Founded by a UX Design Expert with over 20 years of experience.


We adhere to deadlines without needing you to micromanage.

Razzmic is a boutique design firm that aims to transform the design agency landscape. Our mission is to help businesses save costs and improve efficiency by removing unnecessary layers of management and inexperienced designers. We are dedicated to providing top-notch design services directly to our clients, ensuring exceptional quality and results.

Make your Product exciting

We focus on designing intricate digital products and experiences. Our straightforward design subscriptions can assist you in designing an easy-to-use product, regardless of its complexity. By enhancing the User Experience, we can substantially decrease the learning curve of your product, resulting in increased adoption.

Talk to us if you need to:

  • Dominate your niche and stay ahead of competitors.
  • Attract investor funding.
  • Uncover critical usability flaws in your product.
  • Identify quick wins to improve UX and UI design immediately.

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