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Resilient, reliable, and optimistic.


Razzmic was started by a seasoned UX Designer with a mission to craft design solutions that set new standards for excellence, with a special focus on creating product concepts that help startups and scale-up companies accelerate their growth.


Over the years, we've worked with a diverse range of individuals and teams from across the globe. This extensive experience has given us insights into various work methods, processes, design systems, frameworks, environments, and tools. We use this experience to approach each project from different angles, ensuring we not only meet goals but also make things work in the best way possible.

Razzmic is a boutique design firm that aims to transform the design agency landscape. Our mission is to help businesses save costs and improve efficiency by removing unnecessary layers of management and inexperienced designers. We are dedicated to providing top-notch design services directly to our clients, ensuring exceptional quality and results.

Our Values


We value efficiency as a core principle, optimizing processes to deliver design solutions in a streamlined and timely manner.


Our work is driven by a commitment to creating designs that make a positive and meaningful impact on people's lives and the businesses we serve.


We believe in the power of simplicity, crafting user-friendly and elegant solutions that are easy to understand and navigate.

Focus on Craft

We aim for perfection through meticulous work and attention to detail in each project, striving to create a masterpiece every time.

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