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We help you create digital products that are simple and enjoyable to use and achieve your business goals through design.


Enterprise Software

B2B Analytics Dashboard

Enables school or district leaders to gain valuable insights into how well technology is being used by staff and students. It allows school administrators to see and evaluate data about learner engagement, collaboration and device usage, providing a granular view of usage across Google or Office 365 Suite.


We created a new comprehensive analytics solution to maximize the impact of school’s G-Suite strategy with actionable, objective data.

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Mobile App


Digital banking

Volt is the next generation of banking – digital, independent, and completely transparent. It offers simple Save and Spend experiences designed to help people be better off.


The features are built around customer needs and aimed at getting people into the right money habits.

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Dashboard experience

Innovation Economy Portal

Web application

Innovation Economy Dashboard provided by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) for the innovation community to connect, collaborate and build capability.


We were asked to design and deliver a platform that engaged, inspired and motivated users with a digital experience that showcases Auckland in a visual, interactive and easy to explore the way. We provided the experience users needed to make a decision about a business opportunity in Auckland.

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Enterprise Software redesign

Roles & Permissions system 

Complex SaaS 

The leader in Enterprise Risk Management software, used by Government and Financial Services Protecht.ERM allows companies to integrate risk management into their day-to-day activities seamlessly.

We significantly improved the user experience and interface of the Roles and Permissions system to simplify the process of assigning and managing permissions.

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Mobile App, Software redesign


Smart business dashboard

The 9Spokes business dashboard for small and medium businesses provides a single view of the business data across all areas — from finance to marketing, and every vital thing in between. It allows to gauge performance and make quick, sharp business decisions.


The result was a new visual experience that feels fresh, engaging and provides the users' actionable insights to enable them to manage critical business data all in one place. 

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Enterprise Software redesign


B2B enterprise application software

Bullseye is an application used by Westpac Institutional Banking teams to track performance, compliance and customer interactions. Over time, it has grown significantly, both in terms of functionality and the amount of business-critical data it holds.


We created a streamlined user interface and improved brand perception. Workflows were optimized for efficient navigation, performing personalised user actions within a flexible system designed to adapt to the application’s user needs.

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